Executive Function Coaching to Enhance Performance at Work

Whether you work from home, outside of the home, or are on a hybrid schedule, our Launch coaches can help

Achieve your Career Goals

Our professional coaches help adults with ADHD/executive function challenges reach their career goals by designing a tailored program that meets each client's job-specific goals. Launch adult executive function coaching for work has helped countless adults become more productive, organized, and confident.


Who We Help

Launch coaches understand the root causes that interfere with workplace success. Our clients come from an array of professions with one thing in common... executive function challenges that are impacting their work lives.


How We Help

Clients will first complete a pre-program assessment designed to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness in executive functions. Results from this assessment and in-depth discussion targeting specific areas they feel will most impact their work performance will drive the personalized plan of action.

Woman with open computer video conferencing with her ADHD coach.
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Overcome the Overwhelm

Our expert coaches will work with you to improve overall work performance.


Picture this life for yourself - how would it feel if you were able to:


  • Show up to work on time and feel prepared and ready to go
  • Stick to a schedule while working either at the office or from home
  • Stay focused on the task at hand from start to finish
  • Have a dedicated workspace at home free of distractions
  • Find exactly what you were looking for in your organized workspace
  • Prioritize tasks to create your specific plan of action
  • Create a plan for attacking projects, reports, etc.
  • Organize and maintain your inbox

Sounds pretty good right? When you work with Launch, your coach will support you every step of the way to help improve your motivation and productivity. Get ready for success, get ready to LAUNCH! 

We offer individual and package options for coaching. 

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