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Christine Riley, M.A.


Career Coach, Transition from College


Christine holds a Master’s Degree (M.A) in Counseling and Clinical Practices and has been part of the University of Hartford team for the past 5 years. She began her career in the Office of Admission, Career Services and currently is the Associate Director of the University of Hartford Center for Student Success. Her primary goal is to help students acquire the tools needed to make effective career decisions during each phase of their academic career development.


As a Career Coach, Christine assists with résumés, cover letters, and interviews, and teaches students how to use LinkedIn to network professionally. She can provide self-assessments to assist students in exploring majors and careers as well. Assessment tools can help individuals determine the type of work and environment that are best suited for them by examining their skills and interests. Additionally, she encourages and coaches students on how to effectively connect with people in their field of interest through informational interviews.


Whether students are just starting out, or have a clear career objective; Christine meets with students individually to assess their individual needs and provide solution-focused support.


Currently, Chrissy resides on the CT shoreline in Old Saybrook with her husband, two furry children, and her one-year-old son.  She is a beach lover and spends a lot of her free time relaxing there. Additionally, she is an avid Target shopper and loves spending her time cooking, going for mile runs, and trying her best at DIY projects.

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