Coach Hilary

Hilary Ben-Ami, M.S.


Adult Executive Function Coach, Certified Life Coach


Hilary is a certified Personal and Corporate Coach who received her coaching credentials from CoachU and has been a practicing executive function coach for over 18 years. She primarily works with ADHD adults including those who have been diagnosed “later in life”. Hilary blends applied brain-based learning, strategic thinking, and mindfulness techniques as a basis of strengthening executive functions.


Using a holistic approach, Hilary coaches clients in practicing and maintaining personal accountability while prioritizing well-being and mindfulness.  During sessions, Hilary sets up ways with each client to create simple structures and routines to develop better habits and plans.


Hilary has a keen understanding of how the sense of feeling overwhelmed, stemming from a lack of executive function skills, impacts other areas of a client’s life, including their professional performance and interpersonal relationships. She has been highly successful in helping clients learn and practice strategies to smoothly integrate and create balance in their work and personal life.


In her free time, Hilary can be found visiting her grown children, hiking, doing yoga, on the beach, or listening to music with her artist husband.

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